Understanding software is software that is created or programmed to run hardware. Without software, we may not be able to order computer hardware to work. Software is used as an intermediary or translator so that humans can communicate with machines.

Software (software) is a computer program that is used to give orders to the hardware (hardware) so that it can work in accordance with the wishes of the computer user (user).

The software is written in a special language that is understood by computers. Software that is used as an intermediary or translator so that humans can communicate with machines, especially computers or the like.

Operation Input (Input)

Operation input (input) is the entry of commands or data into a computer through an input device such as a keyboard (keyboard).

Processing Operations Processing

operations include calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) as well as logical operations such as comparing data and determining that a value is greater, less than, or equal to another value.

Operation Output (Output)

Operation output (output) is to generate or display information information that has been processed.

Storage Operations (Storage)

This storage operation involves the process of storing data on storage media such as floppy disks, flash drives or hard drives.

As we know, computers need data or facts, where this data when entered will be translated into binary numbers. Computer machines process facts or data into useful information for its users.

With a computer is expected to improve work results and solve various problems. Before becoming information, data is processed through hardware located on the CPU using software. The software contains instructions for processing data.

Currently, the level of processing that is done by software that is machine-like (machine desire) is starting to change with human-like (human desire).

In information theory, a hierarchy of information is arranged, starting from data/facts, then after the selection and sorting process it becomes something useful as information. Information that is arranged systematically with a certain logical flow will become knowledge.

Hardware will not work without software and vice versa software does not work without hardware. The two devices are interrelated so that the computer can function properly.

Technological developments, especially in hardware, continue to be balanced by software so that the use of computers is maximized.

Computer capabilities are felt to be closely related to hardware and software. Therefore, we need software that really supports the hardware.

Basic Form of Software

The basic form of the software uses Boolean algebra which is written as binary digits (bits), namely the number 1 and number 0. Number 1 means true (on) and number 0 means false (off).

This method is definitely very difficult, so people start to group the bits into several groups, namely nibble (4 bits), byte (8 bits), word (16 bits), and double words (32 bits).

This group of bits is organized into a structure of instructions such as storage, transfer, arithmetic operations, logical operations, and the form of bits is converted into a coded code known as an assembler. The assembler code is still quite difficult because of the demands to be able to memorize the code and the writing format is quite confusing.

From this problem was born a high-level programming language that is like a human language (English).

Currently, software development has become a very complex production process, with a long processing sequence involving tens or even hundreds of people in its manufacture.

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