Technology according to experts is very broad, each has a different perception. But broadly speaking, the meaning of technology has something in common.

What are the benefits of studying technology? Of course, increasing insight into the benefits for human life and the consequences that must be faced in order to use it wisely.

So far, technology has always been associated with machines, computers, mobile phones, and means of transportation. But technology is more than what we know so far.

Its use is wider covering various aspects of human life. Starting from the smallest things, for example the rice cooker that we often use, is the result of technological developments.

Technology According to Experts

Technology according to experts has little difference between each other. Because each interprets according to the understanding they have.

Some refer to the term from the word that formed it. There are also those who perceive it as science. Here are some experts who review the technology.

1. Technology According to Poerbahawadja Harahap

Poerbahawadja Harahap said that technology is a science that deals with technical workings.

Harahap further explained that technology is knowledge that is applied in industry or factories. This definition refers to the more extensive use of the word technology for industry and manufacturing.

2. Technology According to Niasbit

According to Niasbit, technology refers to objects and objects as well as materials and forms. This is conveyed according to the meaning obtained from the Random House Dictionary.

According to him, technology is different from ordinary people. More interpreted as objects that are used to support human activity itself. 

3. Technology According to Miarso

According to Miarso (2007), technology is a gradual process that produces added value. In the process used and produce a new product.

So technology here can be interpreted as a series of production processes with the aim of increasing the selling value. Miarso added that technology is an integral part of a system.

4. Technology According to Read Bain

Technology according to experts has been delivered since 1937 by Read Bain. Bain is an American sociologist who explains that technology is all tools, machines, tools, transportation, communication and skills.

Where according to him, humans in general are able to produce. So technology is defined as equipment made by humans.

5. Technology According to Ursula Franklin

In 1989 Ursula Franklin defined that technology is a simple way used by humans in general to meet their needs.

This definition is the result of a reference from the notion that technology is a tool used by humans, which humans can also create and develop.

Technology According to Experts and Applications in the Modern World
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6. Technology according to Sardar

In 1987 an expert named Sardar explained that technology is a means used to solve problems in human civilization.

Without the presence of technology all problems in human life become more complex and difficult to solve.

7. Technology according to Capra

Technology according to experts was also revealed by Capra. The way of defining technology as one of the systematic ways of carpentry.

This definition refers to the notion of technology in terms derived from the Greek, namely techne. Techne is defined as the discourse of art, art is defined as the work of humans.

8. Technology according to Manuel Castells

The next definition comes from a sociologist named Manuel Castells who says that technology is a combination of tools, regulations and procedures.

The tools, rules and procedures in question are the application of knowledge in work with the possibility of repetition. The technology created can be reused over and over again.

9. Technology according to Toynbee

According to Toynbee technology is a sign of human development which shows that the need is not only limited to food but is greater than that.

According to him, technology is a manifestation of human intelligence. Concerning the non-material constituents possessed by humans, namely feelings, thoughts, intuitions and ideals.

10. Technology according to Rogers

Other experts also explain about technology, one of which is Rogers in 1994. According to him technology is a planning of instrumental steps in achieving goals as expected and reducing doubts about cause and effect.

Rogers’ opinion is written in a book released by Seels and Richey. The clothes and footwear used by society in general are also the result of a technology.

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