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Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are increasingly trending along with the increasing metaverse after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the change of the parent company’s name to Meta at the peak of 2021.

Especially recently a young man from Semarang and the owner of an OpenSea account by the name of Ghozali EveryDay, suddenly rich for selling his selfies in NFT format.

NFT itself is in accordance with the technology used, namely blockchain, so that every digital asset cannot be counterfeited, because the owner and transaction history are recorded.

You can sell works in NFT form in several marketplaces such as OpenSea, TokoMall, Enevti, Baliola, Paras, and Kolaktibel.

NFT fever is now ‘contagious’ to various circles. many netizens are promoting his work on OpenSea.

The OpenSeah keyword has even become a trending topic on Twitter with a total of 459 thousand tweets. Many netizens have just created an OpenSea account and are selling NFT by linking the link in their respective tweets.

How to Sell NFT on OpenSea

OpenSea as a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace is now a public concern. This is often not without reason because there is a young man from Indonesia with the Ghozali Everyday account who sells NFT in the form of selfie photos on the platform.

Based on the search, there are 933 NFT, all of which are Ghozali Everyday selfie photos.are from the last five years, from 2017 to 2021.

One selfie is priced as low as 0.13 Ethereum or around $435.06 to 0.7 Ethereum or about $2342.64 Currently, the trading volume of the meeting is already worth 277 Ethereum or about $927016 ,51.

This achievement made people interested in selling NFT on OpenSea. For that the Admin will share the steps as quoted from the official OpenSea website.

But before that, make sure there are some things that you have to prepare. First, you will want to have an OpenSea account first. Also, you may next need to own Ethereum, a crypto wallet like MetaMask, and connect that wallet to an OpenSea account.


Follow the Steps Here

After everything is fulfilled, all you have to do is follow how to sell on NFT below:

  1. Select your account profile on
  2. Then select the NFT you want to sell in your wallet
  3. SellClick the option on the right side to start entering NFT in the sales list
  4. in the sales list, you will define the value and therefore the type of sale to try
  5. you will set the sales expiration time, from 1 day, 3 days, or set your own
  6. Next , you will find additional settings and information, such as service fees and Royalties Content maker.
  7. After you read and agree to , select Complete List and follow the next steps.
  8. After the registration process is complete, you will see a notification. then, what you should try is share your NFT sales information with people.

What is OpenSea

For the record, OpenSea may be a peer-to-peer marketplace for NFT. This platform was developed by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah in 2017.

OpenSea uses the Ethereum protocol with the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards. The NFTs that these platforms offer vary, but the most popular are artworks from artists.

“We build tools that enable consumers to trade their goods freely, creators launch new digital masterpieces, and developers build rich, integrated marketplaces for their digital goods,” the company wrote on its official website.

Quoted from the official website, OpenSea now has enough 600 thousand users. The available collection on this platform’s blockchain startup is up to 2 million and 80 million NFT is available.


OpenSea Valuation

Currently, OpenSea’s valuation is estimated at $13.3 billion after securing new funding. So, the company just announced it had raised $300 million in new risk capital.

This makes it one of the most valuable private companies in crypto. It was reported by the ny Times on Tuesday evening, January 4, 2022.

According to the funding round, led by investment firm Paradigm and Coatue Management, brought OpenSea’s valuation to $13.3 billion within four years of its founding.

Based on data provided by the company, OpenSea previously raised quite a bit of $100 million from various investors, including investment firm Andreessen Horowitz and actor Ashton Kutcher.

The series of NFT Marketplaces from Indonesia are almost similar to OpenSea

Prestige OpenSea which is one of the peer-to-peer NFT marketplaces that is currently on the rise, especially in Indonesia.

Although it has actually been around since 2017, the public spotlight on OpenSea has recently become massive because of the Ghozali Everyday account that sells NFT on the platform.

Well, the Ghozali Everyday account is known to sell selfies as NFT on the platform. Unmitigated, there are 933 NFT, all of which Ghozali’s selfies are offered on OpenSea.

The selfies are from the last five years, from 2017 to 2021. One selfie is priced as low as 0.13 Ethereum or $435.06 to 0.7 Ethereum or about $2342.64.

Although OpenSea is currently attracting attention, apart from this platform, there are actually several other marketplace providers for buying and selling NFT, including those from Indonesia.

Therefore, the admin of has collected various data related to the domestically made NFT marketplace. What is this market? check the list below.


TokoMall is an NFT marketplace developed by TokoCrypto. Citing information from its official website, TokoMall wants to present a single concept by bridging the digital world and reality.

Therefore, apart from being a set, the NFT launched on TokoMall also has other uses, namely, they often do not want to exchange physical goods from official partners.


Indonesian NFT Market


According to its official website, Enevti is present as a decentralized, open and innovative NFT project to improve the creator economy. Apart from that, this platform also helps fans to get closer to their favorite influencers.


Baliola may be a marketplace developed by Kepeng Indonesia. This NFTS marketplace is dedicated to traditional and modern art workers in Bali to market their work to the international market, while ensuring it is economically and legally viable.



Paras may be a marketplace for digital art cards built on blockchain to supply real ownership and moves. The platform uses the NEAT cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange between creators and collectors.

Kolaktibel Kolaktibel

is the marketplace in Indonesia to curate unique, best, and legendary moments in the fields of sports, arts, culture, and lifestyle. Kolaktibel is built on Vexanium as a public blockchain from Indonesia.

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