80 Flexible Jobs

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While fixed-schedule nine-to-five jobs usually allow for greater sharpness and stability, many people prefer flexible work options that can provide a better work-life balance. Fortunately, with the arrival of a platoon communication software similar to Zoom, the factory is changing and adapting quickly. Today, many high-paying careers allow for the inflexibility of working, part-time, and possibly even freelance work. Skip to the infographics for a quick visualization of most flexible work available.

 What Jobs Have the Most Free Time?

 However, consider this flexible job position, If you want to pursue a career where you can take a lot of time off.

College Professor

With long summer breaks, access to many installations, and generous hiring, getting a board professor is a great career choice for those passionate about tutoring.

 • Average payout: $80,790

.• Educational conditions: Master’s degree or PhD

 Speech-Language Pathologists

Because the best speech-language pathologists have the option of working in seminary, they can enjoy summer breaks like professors and mentors. This allows them to work roughly 300 hours less per time than the average US worker.

 • Average pay: $83,240

.• Educational conditions: Master’s Degree in


According to the BLS, many dentists work less than 40 hours per week and earn an average of $164,010 per time. For those interested in health care, dentistry is an economic career field to look into.

• Average pay: $164,010

• Educational conditions: Doctoral or professional degree

Jobs With Flexible Hours

 Flexible work allows you to balance priorities in a less stressful way and maintain a better work-life balance. Take a look at these 80 most flexible jobs that will not only pay well, but will fit into your life.

1.Data Scientist

 Data Scientist Data scientists are in high demand nowadays because of the amount of data collected by big companies around the world. To manage and dissect big data, the best companies will hire data scientists to offer their moxie.

 In general, a career in data wisdom is flexible as maximum work can be done. Little by little from working in big pots, data scientists also have the option of working part time or as a freelancer. Due to their deep understanding of machine literacy, statistical modeling, and other professional knowledge, they are generally compensated for free.

 • hourly rate: $49.97

Educational conditions: Master’s degree

2. Shooter

Shutterbugs can showcase their talents and craftsmanship in colorful diligence. For example, fashion, sport, musicales, marketable, artificial, wedding, food, and trip. Depending on your interests and abilities, you can venture into a variety of different niches as a freelance photographer. However, consider trying it professionally, If you’ve always been interested in taking prints.

 • hourly rate: $19.85

 • Educational condition: College parchment or original


 Nutritionists and nutritionists are experts in food and nutrition, and their job is to advise guests on how and what to eat to achieve a certain health or body . To illustrate, lose weight or manage conditions similar to high cholesterol. With the general public becoming more and more health conscious, nutritionists and nutritionists will only be in greater demand. Dietitians may work in hospitals, conventions, long-term care settings, and private practices, but they may also work with case support by phone or video call.

 • hourly rate: $30.33

  • Educational conditions: Bachelor

4. Graphics Developer

 However, graphic design may be a flexible career path and is suitable for you, If you are a creative person who is passionate about taking up various art and design systems. Graphic design job descriptions generally revolve around developing product generalizations, setting up explaining equipment, and imaging and plate making. As a graphic developer, you have the option to work within the company or find your own guest as a freelancer at places like Upwork or Fiverr. Working independently, you won’t have the flexibility to schedule and bill guests on your own terms.

 • hourly average: $25.66

 • Educational conditions: Bachelor’s degree

5. Virtual Assistant

 As the name suggests, a virtual assistant is a person who provides virtual executive services to businesses from a remote position. With the rise of e-commerce businesses, virtual sidekicks are required to help these businesses thrive and grow sustainably. Generally, virtual assistant job duties can range from making phone calls, managing delivery accounts, or handling client services.

 • hourly rate: $19.71

 • Educational condition: College parchment or original

6. Plumber

 Plumbing is a profession that you acquire while studying. As you prepare to get your plumbing license, you can work under the supervision of a certified plumber for experience and moxie. The benefits of getting a certified plumber include inflexible work, stability, and an implicit income. No matter where you are in the world, a plumber will always be prosecuted. As you gain experience, you will indeed have the opportunity to come to your own master and set your own schedule.

 • hourly rate: $27.08

 • Educational condition: College parchment or original

7. Blogger

 Blogging can be a very economical career depending on the size of your blog and your niche. With devout blog followers, bloggers can create plutocrats through featured announcements, chapter marketing, dealing courses, and promoting online products. However, generate blog moments and start making plutocrats, If creating content is your passion and moxie.

 • hourly rate: Varies

 • Educational condition: None

8. Electrician

 An electrician is a person who specializes in installing, designing and maintaining electrical systems in various types of structures. The best electricians start their careers by joining an apprenticeship program or trade seminary. Once their expertise is established, many electricians choose to work with a tone in order to have greater autonomy in terms of work schedules. According to the BLS, as of 2020, the average electrician is making $1000 per time.

 • hourly average: $27.36

 • Educational condition: College parchment or original

9. Massage Therapist

 However, consider pursuing a career in massage medicine, If a nine-to-five hour career is not in line with your ideal life. As a massage therapist, you have the option of working in a variety of settings such as hospitals, resorts, wellness installations, in guest houses, or even on cruise ships. Careers in massage medicine can be part-time or full-time, which is great for people who value inflexibility. Also, getting a massage therapist doesn’t cover a board degree, which can save you a lot in education costs.

hourly average: $20.97

Educational conditions: Post-secondary non-degree award

10. Interior Developer

Thanks to Drone-like technology and design software, interior makers can now work in the comfort of their own home while communicating with guests. The instruments an interior developer is required to come to may vary from state to state, but generally the makers are required to pass the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications exam.

hourly average: $27.43

Educational conditions: Bachelor’s degree

11. Software Advisor Software advisors

 generally have extensive experience in software engineering or software development. To keep up with the latest in technology and software trends, many companies hire software advisors to give their moxie in this area. Plus, with a great capsule and portfolio, you can get guests online and generate an economical income.

 • hourly average: $45.06

 • Educational conditions: Bachelor’s degree

12. Specialized Coach

 However, getting a specific trainer can be a flexible and satisfying career choice to pursue, If you are passionate about fitness and maintaining a healthy life. Certain trainer instruments take only three to four months to complete. Once certified, you can start picking up guests and creating a niche for yourself. Certain successful coaches often use social media to promote themselves and get celebrity guests. Previously founded on persistence, you can start charging high hourly rates for your services.

 • hourly rate: $19.48

 • Educational condition: College parchment or original

13. Web Developer

 In today’s day and age, one of the most effective ways to prove business credibility is to build a strong online presence and have a well-designed website . According to the BLS, the employment of web creators and web inventors is projected to grow 8 percent from 2019 to 2029, which is quite fast than any other career and industry. However, consider making it your career and indeed starting your own web design business, If building websites is your passion.

 • hourly rate: $37.12

 • Educational conditions: Associate degree

14. Speech-Language Pathologist

 Speech pathologists are health care professionals who are trained to provide oral healing and treatment for those with speech or language difficulties. Speech pathologists can work in a variety of settings including seminaries, conventions, and private practice. Although it is very preferable to work full time, working part time is also an available option. Due to the required training position, the speech-language pathologist is compensated a normal economic salary of $500 per time (BLS).

 • hourly average: $38.69

 • Educational conditions: Master’s degree


 Deals Representative The Deals Representative is responsible for promoting the company’s products and services by connecting prospects and educating prospects. Today, many companies allow their deal representatives to create their own schedules and indeed work from home. However, consider getting a deal representative for a flexible career and unlimited income possibilities, If you like deals and prefer commission based payments.

 • hourly average: $26.41

 • Educational condition: College parchment or original

16. Inheritance Counselor

 Genetic counselors are health care professionals who work with individuals or families to help them understand how family history and DNA can affect their health. As an illustration, linking trap conditions or inherited conditions. Legacy counselors can choose to work part-time, full-time, or freelance. In 2020, the median payout for inheritable counselors is approximately $, with the top 10 percent earning more than $ per time.

 • hourly rate: $43.13

 • Educational condition: Master’s degree

17. Software Inventor Software

 application is required in almost every diligence. For a company to differentiate itself from challengers and provide better products and services, hiring professional software inventors is essential. The main part of software inventor is to develop software and provide results that meet the needs of drug users. To become a software inventor, you need a complete understanding of programming languages ​​and engineering principles.

 • hourly average: $52.95

 • Educational state: Bachelor

18. Social Media Director

 Due to the fashionable and influential appeal of social media, almost every business needs a social media director to help manage and expand its online presence. The social media director’s responsibilities can include running a social media giant, testing critical criteria for improving performance, and creating engaging content to promote the business. Little by little from working with a marketing platoon at a company, social media directors can also choose to work as freelancers or start their own agency.

 • hourly rate: $68.03

 • Educational condition: Bachelor’s degree

19. Online Instructor

 Getting an online instructor is a great career choice for anyone who has a moxie in certain content and enjoys tutoring. Today, there are many places like Chegg or eTutorWorld where teachers can offer their services to scholars around the world. Depending on your subject and experience position, hourly rates may vary. However, online training can allow you to work as important or as little as you want, which is a great career choice for those who prefer inflexibility to a fixed schedule.

 • hourly rate: $24.23

 • Educational condition: Bachelor’s degree


 Dog walker walking may not feel like the most economical career, but if you manage to gather a large number of guests, you can make a profit that is equal to or indeed more than average -average full-time payout. Apps similar to Barkly Faves or PetBacker allow you to easily find dog trails online and slowly get your character in business. As you develop your devout customer base, you can indeed start your own dog walking business and make a long term career out of it.

 • hourly rate: $12.86

 • Educational condition: College parchment or original

60 More Flexible

 High Paying Job Options A wide range of career options can allow you to earn a high income while working flexible hours. Here are some of the most flexible jobs in various fields that you can explore. 

Business Jobs and Delivery

 • Real Estate Agent

 • Fiscal Critic

 • Social Media Director

 • Content Strategist

 • Delivery Specialist

 • Design Director

 • Quantitative Demand Experiment

 • Chartered Accountant

 • Customer Service Associate

 • Beginner

 • Operations Advisor

 • Entrepreneur

 • Judge

 • Business Process Critic

 • Account Director

 • Chain Coerce Partner

 • Operations Manager

 • Controller

 • Economic Writer

 • Administrative Assistant

 Technical Jobs

 • Front-End Inventor

 • Game

 Developer • UX Developer

 • Java Inventor

 • Technology Product Director

 • Enterprise Mastermind

 • Machine Learning Mastermind

 Computer Systems Analyst

 • Specialized Support Mastermind

 • Back-End Inventor

 • Results Mastermind

 • Computer Research Scientist

 • Database Director

 • Mobile Operations Inventor

 • Cloud Architect

 • Cyber ​​Security Analyst

 • Internet of Effects Developer

 • Full-Mound Inventor

 • Business Intelligence Analyst

 • Quality Assurance Analyst

 Creative Jobs

 • Tattoo Artist

 • Art Director

 • Fashion Developer

 • Animator

 • Videotape Editor

 • Screenwriter

 • Makeup Artist

 • Musician

 • Hair Stylist

 • Videographer

 • Fashion Intelligencer

 • Writing Coach

 • Multimedia

 Artist • 3D Artist

 • Visual Strategist

 • Print Editor

 • Motion Graphics Developer

 • Sound Mastermind

 • Voice Artist

 • Professional Cotillion

 Hopefully this list of high paying job options inspires you to explore more flexible career paths. Indeed, if you have no experience or moxie in this area, it’s never too late to improve your skills by taking courses and learning new things. Set a budget every month to invest in yourself and come as a job seeker for various career vacancies.

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